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CAPS Request Forms

Welcome to the Student Affairs CAPS request forms. Please select the action you would like to take below. These forms have been designed to only display the fields that are required for the action that you select. Please contact your department’s business manager or email Dayla Botts with any questions.

New Employee/Termination

Employee Changes

New Employee Registration (NER) Q&A

NER Information Sheet

Does my new employee need to attend NER?

If your new employee does not currently have an active paid position elsewhere on campus they will be required to attend NER. See below for more information.

How does NER work?

Within 24-48 hours of submitting this CAPS request your new employee will receive an email with instructions for completing their new hire paperwork online. After completing this paperwork online they will need to take a copy of the Social Security Card and government issued photo ID to the NER office in parking structure 7. It is important to note that employees cannot start working until they have completed this process.

Do I need to schedule a time for NER as was previously the case?

No. The new employee can show up to the NER office anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. as long as they have completed their documents online.

How long does this process take?

From the time a CAPS form is submitted it will be approximately 4 business days before your new employee can start working. This will be delayed if the new employee doesn’t complete their online paperwork or go to the NER office in a timely manner.

Where can I find a MAP and list of acceptable photo identification requirements for NER?